Live and VOD solution design

We design and implement complete workflows for OTT LIVE and VOD scenarios. We cover subscription, pay-per-view and advertisement based models. For content protection, we implement Google Widevine DRM or system that is used by the customer. Our system can enrich the content with multiple audio and subtitle tracks. We can enhance the content with multiple audio and subtitle tracks. We developed a set of end-user apps that are covering the most popular streaming platforms. We provide end to end solution, or we can integrate with existing infrastructure.

Media management and delivery

We provide worldwide managed origin service. Our customers can store and distribute their content form multiple locations in Europe, Asia, and the USA. Additionally, we offer live endpoints in numerous areas to capture live content to redistribute or repurpose. We are integrated with multiple CDN networks to provide the best possible experience our customer viewers.


Transcoding service.

We provide transcoding services for Live, Vod and media workflows. Our transcoding service operates in live 24/7 operations as well as asset library transcoding. Additionally, we offer on-demand transcoding service that runs on the cloud edge and can scale automatically to transcode multiple assets in fixed time for time-critical delivery scenarios.